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Make Art You Can Animate


App For iPhone

The Simplest and Most Magical Way To Animate Your Art!

What is WizArt?

Draw, Sketch, Make Fancy Objects, Create Collages!

And Then,

Animate Your Creation With The Push Of A Button!

Objects, Drawings, and Collages

With WizArt, you create objects that you can then select to move, scale, rotate, or delete freely, and at any time. This allows you to arrange the objects into different compositions as you wish. Thus, WizArt is not only a drawing and sketch app, but a powerful collage app. Your creation is dynamic and alive.

And the most unique, novel, and powerful feature of WizArt is that you can animate your artwork with the push of a button! You have to see it to believe it! Scroll down to read more about it!

Line, Shape, Scissors

Objects can be created by two drawing tools: the Line tool, and the Shape tool. Or you can create an object by cutting out a shape, from your drawing or an imported image, using the Scissors tool.

Copy and Multiply Objects

You can create copies of any selected object, in different colors, in Copy mode. In Copy mode you can also replicate a selected object in a continuous fashion, by moving one or two touches on the canvas. The result would be a Complex objects, and we call this kind of replication 'Multiplication'. You can even create your own brush tips and use Multiplication to paint with them.

Try multiplication by holding one index finger on the screen and moving your other index finger (or stylus) around it. You can create all sorts of fantastic objects using this technique. 

Zoom, on An Infinite Canvas

You have an infinite canvas in WizArt. It extends and shrinks as you add, move, or remove objects. You can zoom in and out on the canvas, without loosing resolution in the Zoom mode (objects made with the scissors tool can look pixelated if enlarged too much).

Mix Your Colors

WizArt allows you to create an infinite number of colors and set their opacity right from your finger tips. To do that, simply select or mix a first color, and then rub one of the 8 main colors to mix it in with the first color. You can change the opacity by rubbing the Opacity button. And you can change the color of the background with the push of another button. No more color pickers! To master color mixing and matching, try out other iOS app, Mixacolor.

Mix In Photos

WizArt allows you to set a background image for your artwork by selecting a photo from your photo albums. You can also cut out shapes from imported background images and use them in your artwork.

You can build up your creation using simple layering: store an image of your drawing and later on use it as a background image and continue drawing on it.

Animate Your Art

WizArt's most iconic feature is Animation! Bring your artwork to life with the push of a button, choosing among 26 different combinations of animation modes and color variations. Some modes allow slight movements of objects, suitable for creating fun facial expressions on a portrait. And some allow larger and more random movements, suitable for creating abstract compositions. Infinite possibilities!

You can use WizArt's animation feature as a music visualizer: pick and listen to your favorite song from your iTunes collection while watching your animated artwork. Save images and HD videos of your animation. Move the canvas and zoom in/out while animation is running! This one will instantly make you feel like a cinematographer and a director narrating a story! So, go ahead, create a large canvas with scenes and character around it, and start directing your own animated story. Edit the movie and add voice over and other effects in iMovie.

Color and Gradient Variations

Using Color Animation feature of WizArt, you can create many color variations of your work during animation. Simply choose Color or Gradient variation in the Animation Settings. While in Animate mode, you can save snapshots into your camera roll by pressing the Save button, or automatically capture an HD video of your color animated work.

Create Your Art Collection

WizArt allows you to create a collection of your dynamic and alive artworks! You can always go back to any work and make changes to it, or bring it to dance by animating it.

In the collection area, press and hold your finger on any drawing to open a menu of options to duplicate/delete/share or paste an object from another drawing into it.

From the collection area, you can also visit the Help section of WizArt. In the Help section, tap on any button to learn about it.

Get Social, and Share

And last but not least, share your fun and amusing creations and animations on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, email, Vine, etc. To share animation snapshots or videos, find them in Camera Roll and share from there. In the collection area of WizArt, press and hold your finger on a drawing for the option to share it.

Vector Graphics Engine

WizArt's vector graphics engine allows you to resize the objects you create, and zoom in&out on the canvas, with no loss of resolution. WizArt's animation utilizes the power of vector graphics as well. 

You will be astonished by the beauty of your own creations as rendered on iPhone's Retina display.

TwoToJazz App for iPad

Please also check out our iPad App, TwoToJazz. TwoToJazz on iPad offers a larger canvas and even more capabilities than WizArt, including the ability to draw and create with two fingers/touches, providing among other things an excellent calligraphy brush. 

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About Us

WizArt is a creativity app for iPhone, designed and developed by Vida Vakilotojar. All digital artwork presented in the images and movies on this website were created using WizArt. Also check out our TwoToJazz App for iPad and Mixacolor App for iPhone and iPad.

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